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Review: The Crescent by Jordan Deen


I received this book free from the author in exchange of a honest review. Thank you, Jordan!


The aniversary of 18 years is coming soon for Lacey and she can't wait to leave her house where she grew up, because of her parents who are having arguments almost every day. Her only friend is Jilian, so Lacey Quinn's life is kinda lonely. . But her life changes when she meets Alex Morris, the love of her life. Alex has everything Lacey ever wanted, and soon they become a couple. But the relationship between Lacey and the perfect Alex is affected when Lacey's nights are invaded by some dreams with Brandon, another boy who she met at school. Lacey can't decide which is the chosen one and soon she discovers that between Alex and Brandon there is a old war that she becomes to be involved in. A close and magic connection bind Lacey's and Brandon's life, and if Alex gets involved in their chemistry, somebody won't make it out alive...

My mark: 5/5

My opinion

 "The Crescent" is an original book, though I wished it was a little bit longer. Lacey is a very strong girl, but she had a very hard time coping with her parent's arguments. Her only consolation was Grant, the dog she found in the back yard. She took care of him and she loved him, and when Grant ran away, Lacey suffered a lot. But Alex was always comforting her and he was the perfect boy for her. But even though everything seems a teenage love, everything comes out and nothing is what it seems. The author kept me in a continously suspense, and I was always wondering who will be chosen by Lacey. The entire story is immersed into a mistery and only at the end you get to know the truth. Anyway, I really liked the story and I can't wait to start the second novel. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to read your book, Jordan!



Aniversarea de 18 ani a lui Lacey se apropie si abia asteapta sa plece din casa unde a crescut, datorita parintilor care se cearta tot mai des. Viata lui Lacey Quinn e banala, singura ei prietena fiind Jilian. Insa viata ei se schimba cand il intalneste pe frumosul Alex Morris, iubirea vietii ei. Alex are tot ce Lacey si-ar fi dorit, iar in curand acestia se cupleaza. Insa relatia dintre Lacey si perfectul Alex are de suferit atunci cand visele cu Brandon, un alt baiat intalnit la scoala, incep sa-i invadeze noptile. Lacey nu se poate decide care dintre cei doi baieti e alesul si curand afla ca intre cei doi se duce un razboi vechi, in care ajunge si ea sa fie implicata. O legatura stransa si magica leaga vietile lui Lacey si a lui Brandon, iar daca si Alex mai intervine in chimia lor, cineva nu va scapa cu viata...

Nota mea: 5/5

Parerea mea

Jordan Deen are un stil de a scrie care pe mine m-a cucerit imediat. The Crescent este o carte originala, desi mi-as fi dorit sa fie mai lunga. Chiar daca la mijloc pare doar o iubire adolescentina, totul iese la iveala si nimic nu e ceea ce pare. Autoarea a reusit sa ma tina intr-un suspans continuu, mereu facandu-ma sa ma intreb pe cine va alege Lacey. Intreaga poveste este cufundata intr-un mister si abia la sfarsit ajungi sa aflii adevarul. Oricum, mi-a placut foarte mult povestea si abia astept sa ma apuc de volumul 2. Multumesc ca mi-ai oferit ocazia de a citi cartea ta, Jordan!

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