vineri, 31 august 2012

Carte buuuuuna !

Deeci am gasit o carte awesome pe gr :x Este ataat de draguta! Iubesc coperta <3
Nu am tradus descrierea, pentru ca vedeti si voi cat e :))
Nu m-am putut abtine si am pus coperta pe " foarte mare " pentru ca flacarile asta par ataat de reale <3 :))

Shrouded Secrets!

 When a teenage brother and sister inherit secret metaphysical powers, they are unknowingly hunted by a group of clandestine immortals. While one of the siblings will reluctantly choose the path of righteousness, the other will defiantly dabble with the promise of true power and the darkness that accompanies it.

As David James begins his freshman year of high school, he learns that his older sister Danielle's popularity isn't genetic. However, their lives change dramatically with the discovery that they possess power which grants them vast unearthly abilities. The more they strive for reasonable normality, the more unstable their powers become when combined with the stresses of high school teenage life.

While jealousy, love, and anger unhinge their once typical lives, temptations to abuse their newfound gifts are manipulated by a shrouded and unyielding adversary who seeks to cast earth into a modern dark age. Soon secrets will injure the ones they love as the burden of true power begins to isolate them. Not even the ominous prospect of a crumbling world matters when each of them finds that they are helpless to control their own desires.

Shrouded Secrets is an imaginative story in which David and Danielle James encounter the realm Eruditus. It is there they are taught to employ powers of the Artifex. The Galinea, knighted protectors of Eruditus, have those among them who have gone rogue. These malcontents, known as the Shroud, have set their sights on the two siblings. A perilous adventure ensues as David and Danielle become entangled with enemies who seek to claim their very lives.


...iar al doilea volum, 

The Shadow Harvest

The Shadow Harvest va fi publicata pe 30 septembrie anul acesta.:)
 Descrierea cartii:

  Teenagers believe they are immortal, but unlike fifteen-year-old Vincent, they are wrong. As strange accidents befall hundreds of teens around the world, Vincent is unknowingly recruited to fight a secret, supernatural conflict that spans back to the earliest days of human civilization. He soon learns the dark truth about some immortals and their ability to exert an invisible influence over every aspect of humankind’s modern society.

Immortals are not gods, though some have chosen to be worshipped as such. They are not wizards, but can perform acts filled with great magic when it serves them. Although they are not vampires, many of them prefer to deal with humans from behind the cloak of a specter in the shadows of the night. Now, for the first time in thousands of years, immortals have been blessed with the ability to have children, yet, at the same time, cursed with the possible theft of their own immortality.

When Vincent becomes ensnared with a forbidden love from his past, he discovers that deceit, jealousy, and lust capture his once perfect heart. As his friends become enemies, his enemies become his only source of redemption. When the face of wickedness is revealed, and true love slips like grains of sand through his fingers, the good that Vincent has done in the service of strangers seems pointless when he is unable to stop the death of his closest friend.

In The Shadow Harvest, some immortals will risk everything for love, while others struggle to collect power and fame. One will fight for honor, while another seeks redemption for past sins. Vincent comes to understand that his immortality is an enchanted gift, and like all enchanted gifts, it has rules. The spell of life everlasting can be broken, and he, like anyone else, can die.


Niiice! <3
Autorul Joel T. McGrath a acceptat sa-mi trimita o copie a primei carti si un ARC al celei de-a doua.
Puteti participa la giveaway-ul de pe Goodreads pentru a castiga cartea " The Shadow Harvest " AICI .


O zi buna! :)

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  1. Ai dreptate ,coperta de la primul vlum este chiar superba ,volumul doi nul egaleaza nici pe departe pe primul la capitolul coperta

  2. E mare pacat ca toate cartile frumoase din strainatate nu se aduc si la noi dar asta e , lumea prefera sa cumpere un pahar de bautura cu vro 30 de lei din discoteca decat sa isi cumpere o carte ,mda piata romana de care e pe duca ,noroc cu noi blogeri:))

  3. interesant subiectul.prima coperta e incendiara.


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